Minnesota's Governor, Tim Walz, and the Democrats closed our businesses, robbed our kids from getting an education and participating in sports, and now he wants to put more Minnesotans out of work by continuing to support Biden's unconstitutional mandates and destructive policies causing high inflation. We must STOP WALZ this November by voting Republican!

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Serving Western Minnesota Conservatives

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Heading 6


We believe in freedom of religion and freedom from government intrusion in our lives, on our farms, and in our businesses!

Public Safety

We support LEO's and 2nd Amendment Rights.


We speak out against CRT in our schools to ensure a balanced education of the past, present and future for all our kids.

Right To Life

We believe every unborn child deserves a chance at life.

What We Fight For

We need all hands on deck to elect Republicans at all levels of government in 2022!

If you haven't done so already, please register to vote Republican. Follow the link to the Minnesota Secretary of States webpage to register. Make sure you have your photo ID

Join Your Local Republican BPOU

By being active in your local Repubican BPOU (Basic Political Organizational Unit) you can help conduct the business of the MNGOP along side other Republicans within your community.

We need registered Republican voters to become Republican Election Judges to help secure the 2022 Minnesota elections.  In 2020 Republicans were limited to just 3,000 judges compared to the over 20,000 Democrat Judges in the State of Minnesota.

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